Sunday, March 8, 2009

If This Lake's A' Rockin'

There was a lot of fowl sex-- not to be confused with foul sex-- going on at the lake today. The mood was more Ludacris than Barry White. I'm no ornithologist, but it appears when it comes to the art of making za love, male Mallards are the Chris Brown of the feathered-friend Kingdom.

The ducks weren't the only water creatures looking to get laid. The large white geese wondered about sqawking like an Alzheimer's patient on a drinking binge. One even waddled in front of a moving vehicle so overcome was he by surging hormones. I could just hear him saying to a female goose, "I'm gonna do it, baby. I would rather die than live without your lovin'."

In a few months, the lake will be overrun by cute little baby ducks but, just like laws and sausage, seeing them get made is something I wish I hadn't experienced.

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JoeDeVito said...

Please - you are totally an ornithologist