Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Great Wealth Destroyers

The Obamas are careening around the White House like the most popular couple in high school who snub the less popular kids (Great Britain), manipulate the dumb kids (Joe Biden and Robert Gibbs) and seek to destroy the smart kids who dare criticize them in public (Rush Limbaugh and Jim Cramer.)

In the case of Rush Limbaugh, their wrath is predictable and, some might say, understandable. Jim Cramer, on the other hand, was part of the clique.

Limbaugh wants the President's socialist agenda to fail (even though the administration grossly misrepresented aka lied about what he actually said-- yes, I've heard the audio from both sides) but Cramer is a social liberal who supports such changes to our society. He just thinks now is not the time to go all FDR on our asses.

When a man who voted for you and, for the most part, shares your ideology calls your budget "one of the great wealth destroyers of all time" maybe, just maybe, you should listen to what he has to say rather than immediately try to publicly destroy his credibility. (Cramer defends himself nicely. Obviously, the mad shouting one doesn't need my help.)

Attacking your enemies is one thing. Turning your friends into your enemies reaches an entirely new level of political arrogance and stupidity. This can't possibly have a happy ending.

If the Obamas aren't careful, the King and Queen of the prom may find themselves onstage under a bucket of blood while Evan Bayh and the rest of the Gang Of 13 gleefully pull the rope.

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Suzy said...

Cramer was my guru. When I bought Google, he said every stock broker in the world would tell me not to and sure enough, mine did. I bought it anyway and doubled it. If he says it's hell, it;s hell and now it's in the shitter.

What kind of morons vote for a President who had two years of experience and 2 votes in the Senate.