Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dancing With The Stars Twittercast

Here are a few of my comments from last night.
Did Holly Madison just say, "Now what do I do? Do I just lay there?" Probably the first thing she ever said to Hef as well.

Ty is approaching the cha cha just like bull riding. Does that mean they're going to cinch up his scrotum?

Has everybody on this show been in either rehab or jail? Dr. Drew should be hosting.

Man, you can cut the sexual tension with a spork.

Belinda is as light on her feet as Peter Boyle was in Young Frankenstein.

It's more like Not-So-Lil-Kim.

LT has been clean and sober since 1998. This show should put an end to that.

Denise Richards looks like a ventriloquist's dummy.

Finally, Julianne Hough gets to sleep with a partner other than brother.

Melissa looks like she got caught in a tuna net.

Looking forward to the next Watch With Comics event. In the meantime, please follow me on Twitter.

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