Monday, March 23, 2009

Bloomer Monday

I'm off to the Walmart underwear section. I like to call it Jerry Springer's Secret&trade I need to pick up a couple of packages of No Boundaries underpants even though the idea of having the words "No Boundaries" stamped on my undergarments makes me uneasy.

I've switched to the cheapo brand after I was seriously let down by my last package of Hanes Boy Cut Briefs. They looked more like a Hane's Bubble Skirt after two hours of wear.

Unlike my Farewell Sock Tour™ of a few months back, I refuse to throw out dirty underpants. I prefer to wash them first. I guess I've watched too many CSI's and Law & Order's and Criminal Minds to ever let my DNA roll around freely in landfill.

When I return, I'm not going to blog (I may read a few), eat (maybe a snack), sleep (perhaps a nap), bathe (I may soak in a tub but I won't wash my hair) or drink (unless it's after five) until my taxes are done. On Friday we hit the road for 16 days returning a mere 48 hours before the Uncle Sam deadline. We simply must get them done before we go.

And yes, I'm buying new panties because I'm flying. My biggest fear is seeing my open luggage tumbling down the baggage claim conveyor belt with my "that time of the month undies" leading the way.

(Vodka Pundit linked to an article onThe Other McCain about How To Get A Million Hits. My new strategy is to talk about my girlie parts in every other post. Noooooo, not really, but I just wanted to justify discussing this very subject in two out of my last three postings.)

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