Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Website Number?

When President Oprahbama speaks, the stock market drops. When Vice-President Bidumb speaks, my jaw drops.

In a recent WBZ-TV interview, Bidumb, who is now in charge of looking after what little money we have left, not only forgot the name of the government website set up to track the stimulus money but, in a effort to recover said, "What's the website number?" Website number? It sounds like something grandpa would say.

I'm reminded of the much older comedian who once said to my husband, "Give me your phone number so I can call and give you my email address."

It's time for comedians to not only make fun of the Vice-President but to also mock the President for not locking Bidumb inside Number One Observatory Circle for the next four years.


Suzy said...

I'm so glad someone else noticed the market to manorexic ratio.

Al Romas said...

The country owes an apology to Dan Quayle.

Anonymous said...