Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Take A Hike

This morning I hiked the White Tank Mountains probably for the last time. The next time we visit my dad will be living further west in Seniorville where every restaurant entree comes with soup even if you don't want soup. At lunch, I ordered spinach pie with a Greek salad. The waitress brought me spinach pie, a Greek salad... and soup.

His new digs will be fun. We'll be able to drive his golf cart to the mall and bowl for a dollar a game. For years I've been telling my husband that we're moving to a Adult Community as soon as he turns 55 because I want to be the youngest, hottest babe in the complex. The other day we went into the local Sun City thrift shop where a man wearing a vest approached us and said, "Are you two old enough to be in here?" It was great! I can't tell you the last time anybody has asked me if I was old enough to do anything!

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