Monday, February 9, 2009

LA Sign Of The Times (Headline Stolen From Suzy Soro)

I'm completely exhausted from four intense days in Los Angeles. I think I started talking on Thursday night and didn't stop until 3 PM on Sunday afternoon.

One of my favorite LA activities is meeting our fellow comedy buddies for a late breakfast at one of the area's many groovy coffee shops, then scarfing down three egg omellett's while telling showbiz stories. If you ever want to know what a comic is really like offstage, just sit in the next booth and eavesdrop. Just be prepared for the occasional F word. We're not rude but we are a ridiculous combination of enthusiastic and bitter.

Sunday we dined with fellow comedian and blogger Suzy Soro creator of Hollywood: Where Hot Comes To Die. We attended some of the same parties back in the '80's when we all made the migration west to LaLa Land but never really became friends. Through the magic of the internet we've developed a cyber relationship and had a blast for three hours swapping standup tales in person.

Here we are competing in the biggest blackest sunglasses contest.

We leave first thing Monday morning. Already we're plotting our return.

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Suzy said...

Brian is a big fat liar and doesn't understand what constitutes a good picture for me and you look fabulous. My post is going up tomorrow, where I'M CHANGING MY TAKE ON BRIAN. Tell him the tampons are ON THE WAY.