Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

For me, almost every Tuesday is Fat Tuesday. Oh sure, sometimes it's "My Ass Is Giant Tuesday" or "I'm About To Slice Off My Muffin-Top Tuesday" or "If My Thighs Rub Together Any Harder I'm Going To Start A Fire Tuesday" but mostly it's just Fat Tuesday.

But, never confuse Fat Tuesday with "I'm Going To Start My Diet Today And This Time I Mean It Monday."

Fat Tuesday, of course, is the day Catholics overindulge in preparation for whatever sacrifices they make during Lent. Most people, it seems, give up candy. I'm not sure how giving up the sweet stuff makes you closer to God but that is between M&M and the Messiah.

Personally, I wish all the women at Mardis Gras would give up flashing their tits in public for Lent. I could use a six week break from all these girls gone wild.

Riding in the New Orleans parade this year are Jim Belushi, former American Idol contestant Josh Gracin and the cast from Reno 911. It's going to take a lot of alcohol to make this group look like "A" celebrities.


Unknown said...

You're funny for a girl!

Unknown said...

PS-it was actually Alex that said that!

Suzy said...

I do love me some Niecy Nash though.

Traci Skene said...

I guess we should point out that Alex is also a girl.