Friday, January 16, 2009

Snarge: My New Favorite Word

According to the Urban Dictionary...
Snarge: The residue smeared on an airplane after a bird/plane collision. The snarge is generally all that is left of the bird. Every day numerous samples are taken off of airplanes and sent in for DNA testing to help map out what kinds of birds are colliding with airplanes. Both the FFA and military have a vested interest in these results.
Damn birds!

Our enemies spent years trying to bring down our planes yet all it takes is a flock of Canada geese? Kill them all, I say! The terrorists and the geese! Personally, I'm tired of hopping over their droppings when I run around my neighborhood lake. (From the geese, not the terrorists. Although grown men defecating where we walk would slow down our economy.)

When I board a UsAir plane bound for Phoenix in two weeks, I just hope I hear over the soundsystem, "This is your pilot, "Sully" Sullenberger III."

And, yes, I'm going to volunteer to sit in the emergency exit row.

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