Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Mess That Is Mitt-Care

When Presidential candidate Mitt Romney first exploded onto the political scene, he seemed like the ideal candidate: a devout, handsome, successful, well-spoken businessman with a political pedigree who is devoted to his good-looking MS-stricken wife. A better politician couldn't be made in a laboratory.

But I couldn't vote for him. Not because he was Mormon (hell, I loooove the Osmonds) or because he has freakishly coiffed hair (never trust a man who spends too much time on his 'do... see John Edwards) but because he passed, what I thought, was a ridiculous mandatory health insurance plan in Massachusetts.

According to the DC Examiner, his plan isn't just ridiculous it's disastrous.

Here's my favorite line:
In the state with the highest physician/patient ratio in the nation, some people now have to wait more than a year for a simple physical exam.
More than a year? I get pissy with my doc if he makes me wait a few days.

In the meantime, Hawaii has introduced online health care, and the fine folks at CVS are rolling out inexpensive Minute Clinics across the nation and most of us have a choice of retailers that offer $4 prescriptions (Four-page .pdf of drugs here). There are myriad ways, other than a Canadian-based system, to solve our current problems. How about we try those first?

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