Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lyrics By Michael Stewart

My husband tried to recite a poem for me in honor of our "20 years of wedded bliss" but he couldn't keep a straight face past the first line or two.

The "poem" was actually lyrics from a really bad Frank Sinatra song called "I Love My Wife." After hearing the tune on the car radio, he came home, looked it up online, printed out the words and launched into his tribute to me.

Here's our favorite part.
Like bait that wriggles
And it makes catfish bite
A lady jiggles
And my eyes gotta light
Upon so sweet a sight

And if I shake
Break out in spots
Don't fret, it's not swine fever dear
Your swine has merely got the hots

If rosy lips invite me
Well, that's life
But just in case you couldn't guess
I love my wife
You can understand why we both cracked up during his touching moment.

I have a feeling he's going to be saying to me, "Your swine has merely got the hots" for a very long time.

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