Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Idiot Entertainer Of The Week Award Goes To...

... Annie Lennox!

Earlier this week, the '80's pop diva who bears a striking resemblance to a Praying Mantis, led a group of equally washed-up celebrities (look up "smug" in the dictionary and you'll see a pic of Bianca Jagger) and brain-addled protesters on a march against Israel. It was at follow-up pep rally she made the brilliant remark, "The resolution to peace is by negotiation." Oh, if only she were alive when Hitler invaded Poland. (She missed it by 15 years.)

I can only assume that in the few days since her public statement, Lennox has found herself in a shit storm without an umbrella. How else can you explain the recent clarifications she has made on her official website?
As you are probably aware, I've been pretty busy over the last few days, talking to media and press with regard to the dire situation in Gaza. I want to make my position crystal clear.

I am making a plea on behalf of innocent civilians. ALL innocent civilians on BOTH sides.
Now that Israeli ground forces have entered Gaza, there is only one guarantee.. ABSOLUTE CARNAGE.
Of course, directly above her comments there is a photo of her standing in front of protest signs with the unifying messages of "End The Siege," "Freedom For Palestine" and "Stop The Holocaust In Gaza." Obviously, Lennox is concerned about both sides. How could I have doubted her for a moment?!

First of all, anybody who uses the word Holocaust against the Jews deserves to be locked in a windowless room with the Eurythmics' hit "These Dreams" blasting from loud speakers. Secondly, anybody who calls himself-- or in this case, herself-- a humanitarian should be wheeled into an operating room for forced Egosuction. Thirdly, anybody who claims to be concerned about the lives of "innocent civilians" is usually only concerned that their side won't win the conflict.

Hammas is a terrorist organization who's only goal in life is to destroy Israel and replace it with a militant Islamic state. The Palestinians elected Hammas to be their leaders. If you choose leaders who want to push your neighbor into the sea then you have to expect the occasional rocket up your ass.

Imagine if Canada openly stated that they wanted to push the good ol' US of A into Lake Ontario. Then they spent three years lobbing rockets into Buffalo. Would you really listen to Annie Lennox if she said the key to our survival is negotiation? No, you would put on a hockey helmet, cross the border and challenge the canucks to a throwdown.

Annie Lennox should give up on politics and stick to doing what she does best. Okay, I was going to say singing, but I couldn't type that word with a straight face.

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