Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Goodbye 43 Hello 44

Do you think President Obama (tomorrow I'll start calling him Oprahbama again) will thank Americans in "all 57 states" during his inaugural speech? That would be awesome.

I'm starting to feel sorry for our new Commander In Chief. With an 80% approval rating there is no place to go but down. No man can live up to this kind of hype. This vague "change" people crave will only lead to crashing disappointment.

At the risk of sounding like a crank, put me in the 20% disapproval group. President Obama will have to do a lot of good to undo the bad of picking Joe Bidumb (no I will not call him Biden... not even today) as his running mate. This was such a colossally stupid decision that I don't trust his judgement on anything else.

Bidumb is a gaffe machine whose new nickname, I fear, will become Mr. International Incident. On Oprah yesterday, we discovered that his "beautiful wife, Jill" has the same brain-to-mouth problem as her husband when she revealed that the new VP was also offered the position of Secretary of State. Do you hear that noise? That's Hillary Clinton's head exploding.

On the fashion front-- and who really cares about anything else-- I am not happy with Michelle Obama's mother-of-the-bride suit. It's too matronly and formal for a morning event, even one that involves church. (My husband says she always dresses like a Division III Women's basketball coach.) I HOPE, when it comes to her wardrobe today, there is CHANGE.

Personally, I like it when our first ladies wear red, white and blue on Inauguration Day. Who can forget Nancy Reagan's red cinnamon bun head gear?


Traci Skene said...

President Obama's daughters looked absolutely adorable. I hope this inspires parents to stop dressing their little girls like whores and start dressing them like ladies.

Suzy said...

160 million on the inauguration? Yes, that's an EXCELLENT start for a country who is going down the sitter. I've been saying it for months, he's one of those black gay guys on the downlow.

Suzy said...