Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 6: Barbados 12/25/08

(Bonar Long-- as pictured below-- is now my husband's new porn name.)

Barbados, we were told by a taxi driver, would be closed for Christmas. He was partially right. Certainly, the stores were locked-up, but the beaches and beach bars were open for business. So that's where we found ourselves on this sweltering holiday morning.

Barbados has the most beautiful blue water I have ever seen and the beach is within walking distance of the ship-- although you have to walk down a scary alley filled with broken bottles and used condoms to get there.

As we strolled along the surf we saw horses being led into the water, a man with dreadlocks washing his hair with sand and a local dude who sold aloe plants from a box. "Aloe for sunburn," he'd yell but when he got closer he'd whisper, "Ganja." We passed on both.

When we worked up a thirst (like we needed an excuse) we pulled up a chair at the Red Man Bar where we ordered Banks beer and listened to '60's British Pop Christmas music.

Later that night, after my husband's two shows, we retired to the normally quiet Safari Club bar for karaoke night. At one point, we were practically sliding under the table, laughing hysterically, when a fellow passenger innocently sang the theme song from Titanic.

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