Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bye Bye Blackberry

Mr. Almost-President, step away from the Blackberry, sir.
Despite legal and security hurdles, president-elect Barack Obama says he has a plan to retain his beloved Blackberry once he moves into the White House next week.

Interviewed by CNN Friday, Obama said the smartphone was among the tools that he would use to stay in touch with real Americans and avoid becoming trapped inside the presidential "bubble."
I'm beginning to suspect he uses the smartphone to make himself feel smart.

What's next, his own Facebook page so he can cyber poke or throw internet snowballs at members of Congress?

I just can't wait until his Blackberry information is hacked or, even worse, it falls out of his pocket while he's peeing at the United Nations. If that happens, I'm sure the Secret Service will ROTFL.

From now on, I'm going to refer to President Oprahbama's Blackberry as his Half-Blackberry. Maybe that's what the folks who are protecting him can call it behind his back. A little levity might make the situation far less infuriating.

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Suzy said...

It was already hacked. What did he think would happen?