Tuesday, January 20, 2009

American Idol 1/20/09

After watching today's Presidential Inauguration, it seems kind of weird to watch a show called American Idol when it appears we have an actual American Idol in the White House. But, will Barack Obama become the Carrie Underwood or the Taylor Hicks of politics? Only time will tell.

Fortunately, tonight's episode is only an hour long. Two hours of Idol is proving to be one hour too many.

Tatiana Del Toro, she of the tight dress, annoying laugh and disappearing accent is going to Hollywood. Her psychic predicted she would make it into the Top 12. My pyschic predicted that I'll put my foot through the screen if I have to listen to that laugh for 10 weeks. Fun? Paula says she's fun? Roller coasters are fun. Wine with friends is fun. Tatiana Del Toro is about as much fun as doing your taxes during a root canal.

Dean Anthony Bradford made some of the strangest faces I've ever seen but I liked his plaid coat. Simon didn't. But, then again, Simon doesn't like anything that isn't a black T-shirt.

Jesus Valenzula wore an interview suit but Simon still wasn't impressed. The other judges decided to send him to Hollywood after meeting his kids. Note to Dean Anthony Bradford: next time rent a couple of wee ones and outfit them in teeney plaid coats if you want to make it to the next round.

Dalton Powell can solve a Rubick's cube but he can't seem to solve the puzzle of why some people think they can sing when they so obviously can't.

It appears the Paula/Simon tension has been replaced with the Kara/Simon tension. Can a tense three-way be in Simon's future?

Akilah Askew-Gholston was a regular Norm Crosby with her malapropisms. Although her poor pronunciation of medical terms would make for a hilarious episode of House.

Annie Murdoch chose a necklace that made her look like she just had a tracheotomy. After hearing her sing, I think she did.

Adam Lampert has David Cooke's hair and Clay Aiken's theatrical voice. Paula said he was awesome. I guess he'll be sleeping with her soon.

Kai Kalama has a sweet face, a good voice and he takes care of his momma. I'm guessing girls across America will be Googling his name tonight... especially after he said he doesn't have a girlfriend. Maybe Akilah Askew Gholston can take care of his mom while he's on the show. She seems to know a lot about medicine.

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