Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mark Of The Devil

This morning we shopped at a mid-century antique store in downtown Raleigh called Father and Son. Among the Franciscan Ware pitchers and Herman Miller chairs was a barf bag from the 1972 horror movie "Mark of the Devil."

Billed as "Positively the most horrifying film ever made," this "rated V for violence" flick included the aforementioned barf bags with the price of admission.

When I was seven years old, I accompanied a group of fellow second-graders to the Midway Movie Theater in Philadelphia for a matinee screening of the beloved Disney film "Bambi." While we anxiously awaited this classic animated feature, some sick bastard in the screening room decided to show the trailer for "Mark Of The Devil" as part of the previews. Some kids screamed. Others cried. I really could have used one of those barf bags.

When Bambi's mother died we couldn't have cared less. We had already been to hell and back.

Today's parents would have sued or at least alerted the media. But 1970's parents just looked at it as a great story to tell.

For years, images from that film haunted me. Now they're back. I guess I won't be sleeping for a week or so.


sjs said...

Hi Traci,
Here's a scan of that barf bag.

As you may recall, I have the 10th largest air sickness bag collection in the world.

Steve (Silberberg)

Traci Skene said...

Oh dear. Oh my. It has a picture of the woman having her tongue pulled out. I refused to look at it in the store. It's a barf bag that makes you want to barf.

BTW, email Brian and tell us how you're doing.