Sunday, December 28, 2008

If This Boat's A-Rockin'

I'm still rocking back and forth ever so slightly. It's actually making me kind of nauseous. According to the crew, we had a rough sailing week. For seven straight days I couldn't walk a straight line. I kept yelling my favorite movie line, "Serpentine, Shelley, serpentine!"

But I did notice that babies don't cry much on a ship. They must love the constant motion. I wonder if all the wee ones are screaming their over-sized heads off now that they are back on dry land?

All I know, is that if I get stopped by the cops today, I'm going to have to opt for the breathalizer because there is no way in hell I could pass a regular sobriety test. "Yes, officer, I can close my eyes and touch my nose but only if you want me to puke on your shoes."

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