Monday, December 8, 2008

70 Year Old Indian Woman Gives Birth

Yes, because what India needs is more people.

According to the
Rajo Devi, who married 50 years ago, gave birth to a baby girl on November 28, and is now thought to be the world's oldest new mother.
If this trend continues, the traditional 50th Wedding Anniversary gift of gold will have to be replaced with binkies, budgies and sippy cups.
Dr Anurag Bishnoi, a doctor at the Hisar fertility centre in Haryana state, said: "Rajo Devi and (her husband) Bala Ram approached the centre for treatment and the embryo transfer was done on April 19.
Forget about the embryo transfer, these doctors need brain transfers. The only surgery that should be done on 70-year-old ovaries is removal. And I say this as a woman who, in 27 years, will have 70-year-old girlie parts.

Isn't this like strapping a souped up engine on to a buckboard and having it compete in the Indianapolis 500? Oh sure, it might finish, but who really wants to see it happen?

Shouldn't we at least draw the older parent line at post-menopausal women? Can't we all agree that it's nature's way of telling a woman that her baby factory is being retooled?

As you enter your golden years, you should be clipping coupons for your own diapers, not your infants.

I'm sure this little girl will be dearly loved by her parents who waited 50 years to have a child. But is it fair that she will be wiping up her parent's drool only a few years after they stopped wiping up hers?

If your life expectancy expires prior to your child entering puberty then I suggest you give up on your baby dreams and pick up a new hobby. I hear bocce ball is fun.

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