Thursday, November 6, 2008

Got Stuck With The Q

My husband and I decided to take our minds off the crushing stress of the last few days by teaming up against our laptop in advanced Scrabble. Maven-- as our computer likes to be called when in Scrabble mode-- proved to be a formidable opponent yet he was no match for our his and hers brains.

He beat us a few times but not by much. We, however, kicked his computer chip ass on several occasions even besting his single turn score by picking up 131 points for using all of our letters and straddling two triples. It was a thing of beauty!

Scrabble strategy is similar to baseball: you can win with the long ball but it's small ball that often leads to victory. It's "ax" and "ox' for 34 points that can make the difference.

The only low point was when my egg-head hubby made me feel like a literary neanderthal by scoring big with the word "vicuna." Apparently, it's a type of llama. I'm lucky if I can spell llama. He tried to make me feel better by saying, "Very few people outside of the llama industry know the word vicuna."

Maven may have artificial intelligence but my husband has artificial sincerity.


Suzy said...

Vicuna is well known in the fashion industry as they make clothes out of it. 56 points for knowing that.

Traci Skene said...

Damn! I didn't even know the word from the girl angle. Now I'm really ashamed of myself.