Monday, November 3, 2008

David Byrne In Concert

My husband worked at the Borgata in Atlantic City this past week. One of the best things about the gig is the schedule: One show each night, Monday-Thursday and Sunday. Occasionally the comics have to work on Friday and Saturday but, if other acts are scheduled to appear in the venue on the weekends, then those nights are free.

Luckily for us, David Byrne performed on Saturday night. We've both been fans of his since the Talking Heads days. Apparently, most of the graying audience jumped on the Byrne bandwagon back in the late '70's as well. When the AARP eligible crowd stood up to dance, I was afraid somebody would fall and break a hip.

Byrne, his band members, the back-up singers and the three Twyla Tharp-ish dancers were all clad in white which must make laundry on the road so much easier. Although I couldn't help but wonder what the female terpsichoreans do when it's their time of the month.

Take Me To The River, Burning Down The House and Once In A Lifetime were probably the most recognizable songs of the evening. Many of the new songs with Brian Eno were really catchy, although two of them we were not crazy about. My husband said the one sounded like it could be on the soundtrack of Madagascar 3. Two songs later I whispered in his ear, "And this one is from Over The Hedge 4."

Overall, it was a great concert. The Borgata's Music Box with its 1,000 seats is an amazing place to see a band. Although it was a little weird to see David Byrne stand on the exact spot where my husband stood only two nights earlier.

Plus the bands rarely take their booze with them so the green room is nicely stocked when the comics return on Sunday night.

Here's Strange Overtones from the new album. (Yes, I'm old school. I still call them albums.)

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Michele T. said...

Z. heard a Talking Heads song on my playlist and liked it. I can't remember which song though (but she would). We always listen to the iPod in the car and fight over whose playlist we're going to listen to. But when I win and she listens to mine she often finds songs she likes that she wants to add to her playlist. Some of the things she likes are The White Stripes, the Beatles, a song or two of RE & Moby, and a bunch of 80's dance music.