Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Photo Calendars

I had the bright idea of making my husband a photo calendar for our 20th wedding anniversary in December. Now I don't claim to be the most technologically savvy human-- or as they say on LOL Cats "hooman"-- on the planet, but I can usually handle such simple tasks as uploading and editing pictures.

Yet each time I put one of my photographs into the system, a small yellow triangle with an exclamation point inside would appear next to the words "Poor Quality."

After a few frustrating attempts, I decided to click on the "Help" button. I might as well have clicked on the "No Help At All" button. (It's like the Easy Button only more annoying.)
Retake the photo using higher resolution setting on your digital camera and reducing jpeg compression.
Retake the photo? That's their big idea? Retake the photo?

Well, since many of the pics are 20 years old and since many of the people in those pics are currently deceased, in order to retake the photo I would either need a time machine or a shovel.

It's time to work on Plan B.

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gigglechick said...

have you tried Qoop?

if you have your images on flickr (they may let you just upload them without them being on you can create calendars or books or anything...