Sunday, October 12, 2008

Great Aunt Traci

Our niece sent us pictures from our visit last weekend. We might use this photo for our Christmas cards. It'll confuse the hell out of people who haven't seen us in a few years. "Why didn't they tell us they had children?"

One cool thing about marrying the youngest sibling in an Irish Catholic family is that I inherited a few nieces and nephews who are almost my age. I could be a Great Great Aunt before I'm 60!

The clan left for the Keys on Friday for our great nephew Jake's dolphin therapy. He's been making good progress lately so it's hoped he'll be walking on his own soon. The doctors say he'll be 6'4" when he's older (did I mention I also married into a family of giants?) so mobility will be essential.

I stole these glasses from my niece. She bought them at a thrift store for a "wacky/tacky" party we attended that Saturday. She won first prize. But I thought they were tres groovy and wanted to wear them everyday. Now that I see the photo, however, I have to agree they might be just a bit too crazy for a trip to the supermarket. Maybe I'll save them for the beach.

(For the record, my husband does have teeth but we have yet to capture them on film. Perhaps he is intimidated by my freakishly large grin.)


ReformingGeek said...

Cool specs! I could use those for my Halloween costume.

Traci Skene said...

Argh! But I wanted to wear them on non-Halloween days! Oh well, Halloween it is.