Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fried Cat Goes Right To My Thighs

Apparently in Peru, being a cat person means something completely different than it does here in America.

In a little backwards town near Lima, the annual Gastronomical Festival of the Cat serves up felines in a whole variety of tasty ways. Fried cat seems to be the most popular but, if you're watching your weight, you can always opt for a healthier moggy burger.

I like mine North Carolina style with cole slaw and vinegar right on the sandwich.

The Peruvian cat lovers seem to think that cat meat can cure bronchitis and may even be an aphrodisiac. They are probably right on both counts. After all, it's hard to feel romantic when you're coughing your guts up. Phlegm makes a really bad lubricant.

PETA is apoplectic. Peruvians, I'm guessing, couldn't care less what Pamela Anderson thinks.

Sure I think it's weird but, then again, there are folks in Bombay who think it's weird that I like to eat cow. And Jews and Muslims might think it's weird that crispy bacon practically makes me orgasmic.

I just hope the cat eating festival doesn't catch on here in American. But it would be fun to send our very own Bobby Flay down to Peru for a kitty kat Throwdown.

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Suzy said...

i've been saying for YEARS that cheap chinese food, like that found all over NYC, is cat, not chicken. Ive had chicken and it dont taste like chicken to me. Doesnt even look like it.