Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fashion Mascots

Does Pierre Cardin have a brain tumor? Perhaps somebody should check the mercury levels at his French villa? How else can you explain these latest creations from his 2009 collection.

Apparently, Cardin thought he was designing for his 2090 line.

To quote Michael Kors from Project Runway, "This isn't fashion. This is a joke."

It's hard to believe that a fashion icon could give avant garde a bad name but that's just what Cardin does with his alien chic look. He has somehow managed to make supermodels look like Olympic mascots.

His sketch pad needs to be confiscated.

I feel bad for the models. Can you imagine getting your first gig with a world-class designer and the next thing you know, your pretty little head is being squeezed into a glorified oven mit? And you wonder why these girls throw up all the time.

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