Friday, October 3, 2008

Don't Vote

All you have to do is watch one installment of Jay Leno's Jaywalking to know that it's a good thing many Americans don't vote. Sorry, but if you can't name the current Vice-President of the United States then I don't want you helping to elect the nextVice-President of the United States.

Yet our government shouldn't necessarily be selected by Ivy League-educated elites either. If it were up to them we would have had Teresa Heinz Kerry as our first lady for the past four years.

Our leaders should be chosen by an electorate who is "somewhat kinda sorta" informed. Voters should know the names of the candidates, their party affiliation and have at least a eight-grade grasp on the issues. But people are too stupid to figure out how to register to vote and where to cast their ballots, then I don't want them deciding the future of the country.

Of course, I can't stop them, but I'm not going to encourage them either.

Hollywood, however, has a different opinion.

In this video, casually dressed celebrities implore Americans-- or at least internet users-- to vote... and to get five of their friends to vote... and to get five of their friend's friends to vote... and so on and so on and so on. If by chance, I happen to get a bunch of these sent to my inbox by well-meaning friends, I will personally drive to Leonardo Di Caprio's house and bitch slap him silly.

At first, Halle Berry, Dustin Hoffman, Sarah Silverman and a bunch of young celebs I can't identify tell people not to vote. I suppose this is their cute little way of getting across the fact that voting is important. Apparently, they don't understand just how dumb Americans can be. There will now be a significant portion of the population who won't vote because Ashton Kutcher said not to.

When I was running for Junior High School Student Council President I said, in my campaign speech that, among other things, I would not promise to allow smoking in the bathrooms just to get elected. After I won in a landslide, half of my fellow idiot students told me they supported me because I said I would allow smoking in the bathrooms. The other half voted for me because I told my 5'8" hot Greek female campaign manager to wear a short skirt. Voting, sadly, was mandatory.

In this video I call "Mock The Vote" some of the Hollywood types use naughty language so you might want to turn down the volume if you're at work.

In other political news, yes, I watched the debate between the Beauty Queen and the Gaffe King. Governor Palin won, in my opinion and in the opinion of Drudge readers, 70-30. Why the Democrats tried so hard to lower expectations for her is a mystery. I'm always stunned when politicians aren't good at politics.


Suzy said...

I was watching Gwen Ifill on Oprah and she said that afterwards people bombarded her with Why didnt u ask Sarah this? and why didn't u ask Sarah that? She said hardly anyone did the same 4 Biden. She didnt mention what the questions were but I'm guessing it was people trying 2 take Palin down.

And yes, the US is dumb. And from yrs on newsgroups I know first hand how people have zero comprehension. I've seen it on my blog and thought WTF?

gigglechick said...

I thought that Palin did much better than Biden on Thursday as well.

nice news about "The One" this morning:

Anonymous said...

I don't really want people that are only registering to vote because a moronic celebrity told them to - I don't really want them voting in the first place. The addition of stupidity never helped anything.

Unknown said...

Dustin Hoffman's second biggest concern about this election is gay rights?