Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Please Stand Up

I actually felt bad for Joe Bidumb when he asked a man in a wheelchair to "stand up." Oh sure, I laughed heartily and replayed the You Tube video again and again and again, but I still sympathized with the guy.

As a standup comic, I have made similar gaffes in front of large groups of people. From stage, I once asked a gentlemen if he liked to grab his own penis, only to discover that I was talking to a lesbian. Oops. I blamed my mistake on the glaring stage lights when her haircut was clearly at fault.

Years ago, at a comedy club in Richmond, my husband confronted a man sitting in the front row who didn't seem to be paying attention by saying, "What are you blind?" The man's reply, "I have a glass eye... would you like to see it?" Seconds later, hubby was holding the man's glass in his hand as a horrified audience looked on.

To his credit, Bidumb handled the situation about as well as he could. He's just lucky Obama upstaged him with his "lipstick on a pig" remarks.

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Suzy said...

You can tell I'm new, I thought that was a great save.

I'm totally stealing 'Bidumb.' Deal with it.