Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Monroe Cuddler

Most of our furniture has been trash picked, bought at thrift shops or given to us by folks who were upgrading to better pieces. I think the last time I walked into a conventional store and paid retail price for something to sit on, eat on or put our belongings on, was 1988.

Over the years, however, we have managed to acquire some kick-ass mid-century modern stuff. So, even though we "shop" like college students, we're certainly not surrounded by cinder blocks and milk crates. Add some bad animal art and we have a pretty groovy apartment.

Yet the one constant embarrassment to me was our purple lounge chair. Oh sure, it was mighty comfy but it obviously didn't live up to the coolness of the rest of our pad. We called it our Marty Crane Memorial Chair.

So, last week we decided to buy a new one but the little baby bear in me thought this one was too hard and this one was too soft and I just couldn't find one that was just right. Then I laid eyes on the Monroe Cuddler.

The design was simple. The brown leather matches the browns and greens in our living room. As an added bonus, it pulls out into a twin bed which means one person can spend the night sleeping uncomfortably.
Sleeper chair has twin mattress, easy-opening mechanism and TV headrest. Semi-attached back cushion and 2 chenille tapestry accent pillows. Top grain leather and leather splits. Dense polyfoam cushions wrapped in polyester fiber. 20"H seat. Hardwood frame. Mattress is 32x71". Chair measures 54x36x37"H. 1-year limited mfr. warranty. Made in USA of materials from China.
I still don't understand the concept of the "TV headrest" but I do know that the chenille tapestry accent pillows have to go.

The delivery guys dropped it off at 7 this morning which I'm sure delighted our neighbors. We haven't cut the tags off yet. Maybe we'll leave them on and call it our Minnie Pearl Memorial Love Seat.

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