Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jumma Chouma

My husband finally found video of his all-time favorite Indian song "Jumma Chouma."

Back in the early '90's, he tried to buy the cassette at India House of Spices only to be told by the heavily accented gentleman behind the counter, "You don't want that song. It is very, very old." So, instead he bought some music by a Punjabi rapper.

Over the years, the tune continued to pop up in his brain from time to time. After hearing it for the first time this morning, I can see why. The song takes a while to get started, but the eight minute version is pretty darn catchy. If I could sing in that high-pitch female Indian style, I'd be belting it out all day.

And the video doesn't disappoint either. The sexual images have about as much subtlety as a train entering a tunnel. There's lots of foam and hoses and more foam. The Michael Jackson-esque choreography and Flashdance-type cinematography make this Bollywood classic fun to watch. Although westerners might be distracted by the lead singers resemblance to David Brenner.

I just wish I understood the language. Maybe then a flamenco dancer being hosed off in a men's prison would actually make some sense.

I think I have to have Indian food for dinner.


Suzy said...

having spent 3 weeks in mumbai, where the largest slum in the world is located (1.2 million people) i got hooked on Bollywood and especially Ashwariya Rai. The caste system is in place in India, the livng conditions atrocious, the buildings grey and prison-like and YET. The people are alway cheerful, their clothes gorgeous and colorful.

And every movie has got the most amazing (and pointless) dance sequences. This one was kinda bland compared to the more recent ones.

I doubt I will ever eat Indian food again, however.

Traci Skene said...

Mmmmmmm...chicken achari. Yes, I ate it for dinner.

We watch a show called Namaste TV which airs just the dance sequences. Brian always wonders if they stole the choreography from Paula Abdul or did she take it from them?

ReformingGeek said...

Hum... I don't think I'll include these moves in my next yoga class. As for the food, if it's something without saffron or curry, I'll try it.