Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hooray For Dollywood!

Everybody in the business of show should admire Dolly Parton. She's fake yet real. In an industry where many celebrities have several failed marriages before the age of 30, Dolly and her husband have remained united for 40 years. Plus she somehow manages to balance that skinny body, drag queen wig and substantial Triple D's on top of five-inch heels and not tip over. She's the anti Elizabeth Taylor.

Last night, at the Los Angeles premiere of her musical "9 to 5" Dolly once again proved she is the ultimate professional and all-around great gal. Fifteen minutes into the performance, the play was stopped due to technical difficulties. Dolly, who was in the audience watching with many of her celebrity friends, didn't run back stage and bitch slap the stage manager or duck into the alley to snort away her shame. Heck no! Dolly just stood up and did what Dolly does best.
As the minutes dragged on and on, a clearly restless audience was cheered when Parton stood-up right from her seat in the middle of the theater and said; "If they can't perform the show, I'll do some of it from right here." Parton then proceeded to lead the entire audience in a sing-a-long version of the title song '9 to 5.' That number, drew a rousing ovation from the crowd; but the delay wasn't done and neither was Dolly.

Audience members could hear construction equipment like power drills and saws at work while Dolly continued to charm the audience with a talk about the origins of the musical show; as well as introducing her '9 to 5' film co-stars. As the delay continued, Parton offered to take questions from the audience; and then asked if the audience would like for her to sing another song; 'I Will Always Love You.' Before beginning the second number Dolly told the crowd, "Maybe I'll wait, in case things get screwed up again and I have to fill more time."

After a complete set of about 20 minutes of both song and chatter the show resumed.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why she gets paid the big bucks.


Suzy said...

I'm hoping u were kidding about Parton's marriage. He's ceremonial as Dolly is gay and has had the same girlfriend (who works for her) forever.

Traci Skene said...

Well, if it's true then this just confirms that she is ever faker and ever realer.

At least her arrangement is old school. It's still better than breaking up marriages and taking fathers away from their children like Ms. Taylor.

I'm always sad when people stay in the closet but I still feel they have the right to do so.