Thursday, September 25, 2008

Great Headline

Hot dogs outside Philly ballpark cause bomb scare.

I've eaten a Philly ballpark hot dog. Usually the only bomb scare they cause is in the restroom during the seventh inning stretch.

News reports are pointing a big furry finger at the Phillie Phanatic.
Hours before the Phillies-Atlanta Braves' game on Wednesday night, a film crew shot a commercial of the mascot shooting heavily wrapped hot dogs from a launcher.

But someone inadvertently left three of the duct taped hot dogs outside the ballpark, sparking security fears. Stadium employees were evacuated and the bomb squad was called in.
There's nothing sadder than seeing a five dollar weenie blown to smithereens. I just hope it wasn't smothered in onions.

The first place Phils went on to lose the game. Fortunately, the second place Mets choked in their game against the Cubs.

But I'm glad the Phillies lost last night. If they had won, crazed Philly fans would have exploded hot dogs before every playoff game for good luck. That's worse than throwing an octopus onto the ice.

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