Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Following Post Is Rated "M" For Strong Language

My husband and I regularly play a game called "Guess The Punchline." The rules are simple: one of us thinks up a joke and then, after hearing the set-up, the other person has 30 seconds to guess the gag. (I figured since most of you probably assumed it was going to be a sex game then I might as well at least use the word gag.)

I thought my challenge for today was fairly easy.

"If Ben & Jerry's is going to start making ice cream out of breast milk then they should also make a flavor using the bodily fluids of men. What would that flavor be called?"

His answers were wrong, but inspired.

Cocky Road

Cherry Gar-pee-a

Chunky Monkey

Of course the correct answer is Cum Raisin.

But I'll never eat Chunky Monkey again.

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