Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Designers, Make It Work.

All creative people should be fans of Bravo's Project Runway. Watching these designers turn recycling, car parts and produce into high-end fashion is fascinating. Watching them fall apart when they have to make garments out of cloth for real women-- instead of their usual models-- is even more so.

I think it says a lot about the fashion industry that season after season, talented men and women, both gay and straight, melt down when they are faced with a heavier-than-90-lb. female. A 300-lb. drag queen they can dress easily. Ask them to create a prom dress for a less-than-attractive teenager and the tears start flowing.

So, to punish them all, I propose the ultimate challenge: The contestants must dress homeless people using only materials found under a bridge-- used condoms, dog turds, pigeon feathers, cigarette butts, burger wrappers, pint bottles, fingerless gloves and business cards from local shelters.

The winning designer will get a tetanus shot.

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