Thursday, September 11, 2008

102 MInutes That Changed America

While the major networks were showing The Office, Grey's Anatomy and CSI, the History Channel aired an absolutely brilliant 9/11 documentary called "102 Minutes That Changed America."

This must-see special pieced together, in chronological order, video of the attack and its aftermath shot mostly by amateur photographers and videographers.

I am still completely blown away by what I just saw.

The images, blessedly free of commentary by Stone Phillips, Diane Sawyer or any number of ivy league professors, is compelling and emotional. I wept and drank whiskey throughout the broadcast.

"Truthers" and those Americans who view the world as if it were September, 10 should all be ashamed of themselves.

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dadthedude said...

I saw this, twice. I was talking about it at work today. I found the raw aspect of it it's best feature. No commentary, no opinions or background...

It brought me back to the same moments I had when it occured - from the "a plane did what.." to the realization we were under attack, to the feeling of losing an innocence I didn't even know we had.

When the second plane hit, my knees let go. I felt that again watching this.

I think everyone should be required to watch this. Nobody will forget the event - but it's more important to remember the transition that occured in that short period of time. Thats the part I think people forget about.