Thursday, August 28, 2008

That's Some Good Pie, Aunt Bea!

I baked a peach pie last night, but since Bill Clinton was speaking at the DNC, I suppose I should call it an imPEACHed pie.

It was a bag of rotting peaches that led me on this baked good quest. I did the same thing last Saturday when I turned five brownish bananas into a delectable banana bread. My inability to toss out fruit past its prime is going to cause me to gain fifteen pounds. I better start eating the blueberries before I make pancakes or danish. At the very least, I should believe the hype and buy some Debbie Myer's Green Bags. They must be good. Anything "Seen on TV" is good, right?

Normally, I'm a darn fine little baker, but I must have been distracted by the crushing weight of being one year closer to my death, because I managed to somehow screw up every step in the process....the dough was sticky, I spilled sugar over half the kitchen, I forgot to start the timer.

Surprisingly, it wasn't a disaster. Yet, as my husband and I were each shoving a second piece down our gullets, we agreed we would never serve it to guests.

I suppose a normal person would have baked a birthday cake, but I've never been on the birthday cake bandwagon. Even as a kid, I would request strawberry shortcake or pineapple upside down cake or Jewish apple cake (although I don't remember calling it Jewish apple cake... the Nazi bastards in my neighborhood probably called it German apple cake or "Let's Hang The Jews Upside Down" apple cake) instead of a chocolate cake with sickeningly sweet icing.

I suppose I've always thought fruit should be surrounded by butter, sugar and flower.

Perhaps in honor of Barak Obama's speech this evening, I'll make an Apple Brown Betty. Oh yeah, I went there!

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