Saturday, August 30, 2008

Media Misogyny Watch

From the LA Times:
Though John McCain clearly concluded that Palin could attract female voters and grab his campaign some Barack Obama-style media buzz, he also is taking a risk that in elevating a largely unknown figure, he undermines the central theme of his candidacy that he puts "country first," above political calculations.
Oh, so picking a female Governor means he's not putting country first?

(Historically speaking, Americans like Governors in the White House. Having two Senators on the ticket is the real risk.)

Then there is this about Joe Biden:
McCain's choice of Palin strikes a contrast with Obama's running-mate selection of Joe Biden, a longtime U.S. senator whose foreign policy credentials and working-class roots seemed to fill important gaps in Obama's resume and political style.
You mean gaps Hillary couldn't fill?

According to the media, choosing a woman as a running mate is a risky and desperate move. It's a "long shot" or a "roll of the dice."

Wake up ladies, the media doesn't like us. They didn't like Hillary Clinton and they don't like Sarah Palin.

First they tell us a black male President is what this country needs. Now they are telling us a female Vice-President would be a huge mistake.

And if you think it's Palin's ideology that causing such ire, then how do you explain Hillary Clinton being thrown under the bus by the press and her party?

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