Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lying In The Sun

Yesterday, I had what Holly Golightly would call the mean reds. I had gone to bed feeling blue, woke up navy and by mid-morning worried that life would never be good again.

Had I been a cat, I would have hidden under the bed.

By late afternoon, I feared that my bad day would turn into a bad week or a bad month or a bad year, so I said to my husband, "Get me outside. I don't care what we do. Just get me outside!"

Twenty minutes later, we were in the park, lying on blankets, watching the planes make their descent into Philly International.

The weather was perfect. The dragonflies were playful. Hubby snoozed while I read a book. Suddenly life was good again.

I finished the day with a Manhattan and a bacon, lettuce and avocado sandwich. (Okay, actually I finished the day with 1 1/2 Manhattans and two bacon, lettuce and avocado sandwiches.)

Often it's the simple things that make life seem less complicated.

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