Sunday, August 10, 2008

Liar Liar Unzipped Pants On Fire!

I always knew John Edward's unhealthy obsession with his hair was indicative of a deeper character flaw. Turns out Mr. Family Man was running around on his wife while she battled cancer. Way to go, Johnny Boy!

Of course, he's been denying this story for months... even calling the National Enquirer's accusations "tabloid trash." Now it seems the only trash is Edwards himself.

The timing of his admission is hardly surprising. If you want a salacious story to disappear, make it public late on a Friday, during the opening day of the Olympics. One unexpected gold medal from a cute athlete and the media will forget about any of your silly wrongdoings.

The story, of course, should have been broken by the New York Times, not the National Enquirer... and you know darn well the NYT was well aware of what he was doing.

Reporting on the "personal life" of a Presidential candidate might not be news to some, but reporting on a Presidential candidate who is paying a woman (aka his mistress) with no prior film making experience over $100,000.00 to videotape his campaign, should be news to all. (Maybe he likes to videotape himself having sex?)

I think everybody who donated to the Edward's campaign should ask for a refund.

But the real reason I'm writing about John Edwards is because I always look for an excuse to run my favorite clip of him brushing his hair.

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Simon Jester said...

The best part is Edward's statement that the affair ended in 06' but he never explains the recent hotel incident that really brought him down! What a Gomer!