Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I've Been Animated

Bill Libbey from sent me an email the other day telling me that I had been animated.

It seems he's starting up a new business and he had the smarts to choose bloggers as his first victims.. er, subjects.

The first sample showed me winking, which cracked me up because I despise winkers. In fact, I loved Paul Newman until I saw him wink at David Letterman. After that I couldn't even eat Newman's salad dressing.

My husband thinks I look cute as a button in the new version. To be honest, I'm a bit freaked out by my moving headshot. But, I'm just glad Mr. Libbey keeps his animation family friendly. I can't imagine what others might do with the same software.


Simon Jester said...

I can see a lot of potential value in this. With the right animations of you, I see a big future in a pay-per-view web page.

Kathi D said...

OK, that totally creeps me out.

Make it stop.

Suzy said...

Love it.
Mean Red Friend