Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bad-Ass Badminton

Thanks to the live coverage on NBCOlympics.com, I am now a huge fan of men's badminton.

To say that the sloth-like version we played at picnics in any way qualifies us to participate at the international level is like saying we could compete in synchronized swimming because as children we took baths with our siblings.

These badminton competitors are fast and furious. If Americans were exposed to more badminton, they would probably never watch tennis again. (Perhaps it's a conspiracy by the United States Tennis Association-- or Big Racket as I like to call them-- to keep badminton off the air?)

Here's a You Tube clip called "Badminton Top 10 Rallies."


Suzy said...

I watched it live for about 3 minutes until I bailed. I couldn't even see where the thing was being hit. I like slower games, like sleeping.

Jason said...

My favorite to watch is the Women's gymnastics for some reason.