Sunday, August 3, 2008

Aloha From New Jersey!

After a 22-hour door-to-door travel day, we're back in our humble abode.

We arrived at the Honolulu Airport for our 11:25 PM flight only to find out it had been changed to a 10:15 PM flight. Luckily we decided to arrive slightly early. It would have been nice to get a courtesy call from Delta especially since the online info stayed the same. As much as I wanted to spend more time in paradise, I did not want to miss the flight and then have our vacation mode ruined by my yelling and complaining.

After a scheduled four-hour layover in Atlanta, our plane was delayed for two hours due to lightning. In fact, we were next in line to board when we learned the airport was shutting down.

Upon landing in Philadelphia we were told that our luggage was still up in the sky on another plane and wouldn't touch ground for an hour. So, we headed off to South Philly and split a Roast Pork Italiano sandwich from Tony Luke's before heading back to retrieve our belongings. We were determined not to get upset about anything.

But now we feel like we've been run over by a truck.

It's only 8 in Honolulu. I hope we can sleep.


Simon Jester said...

OK. Thank God you're both home safe and sound.


When are you going to do a gig in Northern Idaho or Spokane?

I realize this is probably outside of your normal circuit. But I promise you'll have at least one friendly in the audience. (Probably two. My wife doesn't let me out by myself often.)

Michele T. said...

Welcome home! We had about a 20 hour trip coming home from Mexico, I can feel your pain :-)

I've enjoyed reading the Hawaii trip posts! I'm plodding along writing mine from Mexico after the fact.

Let's get together soon!