Thursday, July 10, 2008

What Happens In A Vegas Bowling Alley...

From this day forward, I shall be known throughout the land as Traci "Tenth Frame" Skene!

Last night after our show, I went to the Goldcoast Casino Bowling Center with my husband, Brian "Nine Pin" Mckim and fellow comic, John "I'll Never Again Bowl With The Mckims" DiCrosta for one dollar game, one dollar shoe rental and one dollar draft night.

I hadn't bowled in years and, true to form, I was an embarrassment in game one. But I found the pocket in game two and soundly beat my two male rivals. After suffering the humiliation of being beaten by a girl, however, they both rallied in game three leaving me in the dust even though I posted my best score of the night.

Overall, I had an evening high seven strikeouts, three of them in the tenth frames, leading to my new nickname.

Vegas was a ghostown earlier in the week but folks are finally flooding into Sin City as the weekend approaches. One of the groups having a convention here at the Riv are the albinos. I always thought albinos had to stay out of the sun so I can't figure out why they are gathering in the desert in July. Personally, I love that they are here because for once, I actually look tan by the pool. Yesterday, a middle-age albino man walked past us wearing a confederate flag T-shirt. My husband said, "Look, there's a really, really white supremacist."

After lunch at PF Chang's today, we went to the Bellagio to see my favorite Vegas attraction, the conservatory and gardens. Each season the theme changes but each one is more beautiful than the next. Today we were treated to trains, flowers and animated figures made of natural materials. It's like a stationary Rose Bowl parade.


Michele T. said...

You and Brian will have to come over and Wii bowl with us. Then we'll see how good you are LOL! Z. will probably beat all of us!

Traci Skene said...

I wonder if I'd hurt my knee in Wii bowling like I did with real bowling?

Yes, I think Z would beat us all. I'd probably throw the darn thing through the TV.

Michele T. said...

Nah, cause I tell you the secret with Wii. It's all in the wrist!