Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tear Down The Old And Bring In The New

When we first starting working at the Riviera in Las Vegas back in 2005, the hotel was surrounded by other legendary casinos. Directly across the street was the Westward Ho with its neon umbrellas and the best cheap bar in all of Sin City. Across the street and to the left was the Stardust, with one of the greatest signs on the strip and, for many years, host to Wayne Newton. Further to the left, was the Frontier, home of Mickey Gilley's nightclub and the mechanical bull bikini riding contest.

Now they are all gone. Only Circus Circus and Slots of Fun remains.

The Riviera stands virtually alone amidst a sea of construction. The Fontaine Bleau and the Echelon will soon fill the void but, for now, the area outside is noisy and unpleasant.

I'm sure the new casinos will be spectacular but I will always miss the Frontier, the Stardust and-- as we affectionately called it-- the Ho. The day Slots of Fun is gone will be a sad day indeed. Soon the final 99 cent hot dog will be sold and the old Vegas will go the way of the old, old Vegas.

I can only hope the Riv survives.

Here's video of the Frontier being imploded. In my mind, it wasn't a cause for fireworks and celebration.

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