Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Greetings From Las Vegas

I've been working in Las Vegas on and off for 20 years yet it's still exciting to see my name on a casino marquee. I can't even begin to tell you, however, how disappointing it is when my name is spelled incorrectly.

They got the last name right but, for the rest of the week, I will be known to the folks in Sin City as Tracy with a Y and not Traci with an I. Oh well, it could be worse. Outside the showroom my husband, Brian is being billed as "Brain" Mckim.


Simon Jester said...

Hows it looking there? I here that visitors are way down due to gas costs.

Traci Skene said...

Well, the airport was certainly crowded but our crowds were light at last night's show. Apparently, Vegas is losing car visitors. But it seems silly to let gas prices keep you home when you're going to lose money gambling. The same folks who don't want to pay 4 bucks per gallon will stuff five dollars into a slot machine knowing they will never see it again.

Al Romas said...

The Riv marquee is just not busy enough.