Thursday, July 24, 2008

Aloha From Hawaii!

I'm not a big fan of our hotel but, I have to admit, the view is pretty amazing. To our left is Diamond Head. To our right is the Pacific Ocean. Straight ahead is Kapioloni Park home to the zoo and after-dark tourist-mugging hooligans.

The Park Shore Waikiki itself is just a little run-down. It reminds me of a place where androgynous German couples wearing matching sandals would stay. On Saturday we switch to the really swanky hotel once our friends arrive.

We shared an airport shuttle last night with a hard-core Southern family who, after reading every street and business sign, were amazed by all the words that "begin with the letter K." It took everything I had not to turn around and say, "You mean like the Ku Klux Klan?"

This morning we sat out on our balcony, watched the surfers and read what little information is contained in the Honolulu Advertiser. We're still experiencing the high winds and surf left over from Tropical Storm Screwyou that passed by the islands a few days ago. Hawaii has been in the middle of a drought so the locals are tickled to have some rain.

The flight wasn't as bad as I had feared. I actually enjoyed "The Bucket List" more than I expected. Although my husband rightly pointed out the if you took away the exotic locale and changed the actors from Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman to Scott Bakula and Dorian Harewood, it could easily be a TV Movie of the Week.


funnyalex said...

Quit blogging and start vacationing (although I have to admit, I couldn't wait to see if you posted any photos)!
Glad to hear you got there safely as we had severe thunder/lightening/rain yesterday evening into this morning.

Simon Jester said...

What funnyalex said;

Try to avoid having any fun. You're supposed to be getting away from work.

Traci Skene said...

Blogging is relaxing. Plus I'm getting free high-speed internet access so why not take advantage?