Thursday, July 31, 2008

Aloha From Hawaii-- 8

My husband and I watched the girls while our friends took their 12-year-old son to Pearl Harbor. We had visited the USS Arizona many years ago so we didn't feel the need to go again, although it is a "must do" for any American-- or Japanese-- visiting Oahu.

So our day was spent swimming in the pool followed by swimming in the ocean followed by swimming in the pool followed by more swimming in the pool followed by more swimming in the ocean. We were downright prunelike when we were done.

The highlight of the day was the poolside shave ice the size of a toddler's head. When my husband jokingly told the girls one of the flavors they could choose was beef gravy the four-year-old started pumping her little fists and chanting, "Beef gravy! Beef gravy! Beef gravy!"

I've been referring to the kids as the 12-year-old, the six-year-old and the four-year-old because each day I forget to ask their parents if I could post their first names and photos. Finally I asked.

So here they are posing in Hawaii.

Sonya, wearing my husband's hat (we put a flower in it to make it look girlie), is on the left and Sylvia, who insisted on the Euro-trash look of short shorts and dark socks with her dark sneakers (we called her Hans for the day) is on the right. (The gal in the middle is one of the cast members from Aotearoa (or New Zealand) at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Below is Sam next to Chief Sielu Avea.


Simon Jester said...

OK! We get it! You're having a wonderful time on a beautiful tropical island breathing fresh sea air!

(Meanwhile I'm home with hay dust induced sinusitis.)

Shouldn't you be on a stage somewhere getting heckled?

Traci Skene said...

Hey, now it seems like I'm in a hotel room getting cyber-heckled!

Yes, we're having a wonderful time. I would say "We wish you were here" but I think you'd cyber-hit me.

(Don't worry, I'll get sinusitis as soon as I get home.)