Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Vice-President Clinton?

Barack Obama is a damn fool if he picks Hillary Clinton to be his running mate. Bill and Hillary have had more "friends" die than Jonathan and Jennifer on "Hart To Hart." (Instead of naming his dog Buddy, President Clinton should have called him Freeway.) A woman with this type of bad luck shouldn't be one heart beat away from the presidency. It wouldn't just be political suicide for Oprahbama, it could be actual suicide.

Lots of folks in the political know are concerned that Obama might be assassinated by a right-wing, NRA-loving, angry white dude. Hell no! If Obama gets capped, it'll be by some crazed, ultra-radical feminist who has just read "The World According To Garp" for the 85th time and is furious that a woman has been relegated to the number two spot... again!

Personally, I think Obama should choose walking corpse and former Klan leader, Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia. If nothing else, the Vice-Presidential debates would be hilarious. (It's worth waiting until the 1:00 mark in the clip below!)

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