Tuesday, June 17, 2008

People Let Me Tell Ya 'Bout My Best Comrade

Hey, Elian Gonzales, you just joined Cuba's Young Communist Party. What are you gonna do now? "Well, I'm not going to Disneyworld!"

Of course, he did visit Disneyworld back when he was living as a free American, but I bet the Castro Brothers will make sure he has much more fun now that he is a prisoner of his own government.

I hope former Attorney General, Janet Reno sent him a congratulations card. If she did, I know that Elian will be able to read the cute poem inside because college students in Che Guavera T-shirts, oversized/poorly dressed documentary film makers and Keith Olberman all have told us repeatedly that Cuba has a very high literacy rate.

But what good is an impressive literacy rate if you don't have the freedom to read what you want?

Elian's mother died for her son's freedom. Earlier this week, Commie dad wept as Elian pledged allegiance to the revolution.

If I were a television producer in Cuba, I would do pitch a show called "The Courtship of Elian's Father" to whatever network executive wasn't currently rotting in jail. Now that Fidel can no longer make six hour speeches, there's a lot of airtime to fill.

The show would have a great theme song. "People let me tell you we have so much fun. Whether we're talking man to man or whether we're talking commie to commie. 'Cause he's my best friend. La... la la... La la la."

Way to go, Bill Clinton!

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