Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Her Mother Didn't Raise Her Right

While grocery shopping this afternoon, my husband paid for our order with a debit card, requested twenty-dollars cash back and then left the machine without retrieving our money.

I sat in the car as he trotted back to the store minutes later after realizing his mistake.

The store employee informed him that the loot was already gone. Apparently, she had asked the woman standing behind us in line if the bill was hers and she said yes. She knew it wasn't hers but she said yes anyway. Bitch!

Now, I've kept found money in the past but never after having looked the owner of the money in the eyes. In fact, several months ago, I saw a man drop twenty dollars at a liquor store and I chased him out to the parking lot to give him his doe. So stunned was he by my honesty, that he told me to keep what I had found. I just laughed and said, "If I had wanted the money, I would have kept it outright and saved myself the workout."

Am I implying that I am a better person than the woman standing behind us at the store? You're damn right I am!

I don't really care about losing twenty bucks, but I do care that some dishonest person is now spending my hard-earned income. I just hope she got a traffic ticket on the way home for some sort of violation that results in at least a twenty dollar fine.

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Alana said...

Yup. Add her to the list that includes the woman in the parking lot last Sunday who called ME a bitch in front of my kids and said now my kids know I'm a bitch. Um, they can learn THAT at home. And to the woman who stuck her tongue out at me (and my son) when we crossed in the white lines - at the same parking lot today! Yes, the white lines for "safe" crossing.

The world has gone mad.