Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This story must be causing reporter woodies in local newsrooms all across America.
Swapping out a meal for a martini. It's a dangerous new trend for a growing number of young women who are exchanging calories, alcohol instead of food.

It's being called drunkorexia.
It's got everything. Skinny young girls and photogenic cocktails all wrapped up in a ridiculous fad.
Alcohol is known to be fattening and loaded with empty calories.

A cosmopolitan, the popular so called girl drink, can rack up 250 calories.

For the drunkorexic, it's a daily game of calorie trade-offs.

"Beer was like, you don't drink beer unless you like haven't eaten all day," said the anonymous student.
Drunkorexia? Seriously? It's called alcoholism! Yes, trading alcohol for food is called alcoholism.

Have you ever known an alcoholic to enjoy a hearty breakfast?

The real winner in all of this is the young man who no longer has to buy a woman dinner before he gets her drunk and into bed. In fact, if she's drinking on an empty stomach, he might get laid before nine.

Personally, I prefer wine with dinner instead of wine without dinner. In other words, I'll have my empty calories with a side of grub, please.

Can the stories about Beerlemia be far behind? "Woman who eat pizza and then drink beer to throw up." It's called college.

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Simon Jester said...

Well! It's a cinch you're an expensive date!